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Pandemic writ large now on Kingdom’s biggest screen

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Dalton Wong, executive director of Pixled Media International, is using his giant screen in Phnom Penh for alerts about Coronavirus. Supplied

Pixled Media International (Cambodia) Co Ltd, which has the largest full high-definition LED screen in Cambodia, positioned right in the centre of Phnom Penh, has offered its services to make people aware of the potentially fatal COVID-19.

Dalton Wong, executive director of Pixled said, “First of all, there is concern for general public knowledge with what precautions to take and good hygiene practice to fight against COVID-19. I believe it is the role of everybody who lives in this beautiful country to support the Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC) fight against this virus.”

The company made its philanthropical decision after a casual chat with Ambassador Michael Tan, from the Embassy of Singapore in Cambodia.

“We agreed that our company could do what it could within its means, in a ‘sum of all parts’ approach. I offered the services of my company to help broadcast public health awareness messages from our screen. The ambassador fully supported the idea and subsequently helped to convey the offer to the Cambodian Ministry of Health (MoH). The videos provided by the Ministry Of Health are very educational and will help raise awareness about the importance of personal hygiene and other precautionary measures that Cambodians can take to support the RGC in the country’s fight against COVID-19,” Wong said

“We will be running these public awareness videos on our screen as long as its required and as much as we can without affecting our other advertiser spots,” he said

Pixled ventured into outdoor advertisement approximately two years ago, now owning the largest screen in Cambodia, located on the façade of Oxley-Worldbridge Mixed development, THE BRIDGE.

“Business has slowed down a lot since the start of the outbreak with many contract renewals being postponed. Some campaigns have also been cancelled. However, our bigger concern is to overcome this difficult time together and heed the MoH advice so we can pull through this as soon as we can,” he added.


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