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Santo Darmosumarto
-Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom Of Cambodia -

Ambassador's Message

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At the outset, let me extend my heartfelt appreciation to the leadership and members of Indocham for the continuous hard work that they have done to further boost the economic ties between Indonesia and Cambodia. 

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Phnom Penh is ready to work together as partners in expanding the interests of Indonesian companies, businesspeople, and business projects.

The ties linking the Indonesian and Cambodian peoples are strong; they are historical. We are brothers and sisters; we are family. Since early times, we have traveled across the vast oceans and exchanged values and traditions.

Nevertheless, as we mature as modern, independent countries in this era of economic globalization, it has become important for us to convert these historical ties into concrete cooperation, especially in the economic field. We must push for win-win cooperation that lifts the livelihoods of both peoples.

Governments design bridges. Governments also develop rules of interactions. But it is the private sector that builds, strengthens, and make use of these bridges. It is the private sector that enrichens the interactions among our two rich nations.

I hope that I Indocham will always be a partner for the Embassy of Indonesia in Phnom Penh in pursuing this commin, noble goal. All is possible when we collaborate and cooperate. Indonesia Incorporated. 

Sukses dan jaya terus untuk Indocham. #RintisKemajuan bagi bangsa kita. Terima kasih.

Santo Darmosumarto
Duta Besar RI untuk Kerajaan Kamboja


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