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President's Message

The Indonesia Chamber of Commerce Cambodia, or in short, IndoCham, was inaugurated on 23rd September 2021 by Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Cambodia, Bapak Duta Besar Sudirman Haseng.


The IndoCham establishment represents the commitment of the Indonesian community resident in Cambodia, for work or other purposes.

IndoCham will anchor our activities under 3 pillars of inclusiveness.


Business Inclusiveness

We aim to build a strong community network for Indonesian businessmen, professionals and employees, to interact with each other, exchange views, ideas and best practices, and share or collaborate on business and investment opportunities for mutual benefit.​


Social-Cultural Inclusiveness

We will encourage social interactions, cultural exchanges between both countries so that we can better understand and appreciate each other’s culture, diversity, heritage and history.


Community Inclusiveness

We aim to create a conducive environment with the right social governance for philanthropic activities and community outreach, so that the outcomes are more impactful for the local communities.


If you are new to the community and looking for opportunities in the Kingdom of Cambodia, please do not hesitate to contact us at


It is an honor for me to be the first President of IndoCham, and I look forward to meeting with you.



Yours truly,

Dalton Wong

President Indonesia Chamber of Commerce Cambodia

President Indocham H.E Dalton Wong

Indonesian National Motto "Bhinneka Tungal Ika" (Unity in Diversity) our core value in the chamber missions, to be Inclusive in Business, Social-Cultural and Community.

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