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Bay Of Lights Announces Major Agreements with Masswork For Greg Norman Golf Course .....

Updated: Feb 2

Bay Of Lights Announces Major Agreements with Masswork For Greg Norman Golf Course And Sailing Club Leisure Group Vietnam

Canopy Sands Development & Massworkd Signing Agreement.

Cambodia Investment Review

Bay of Lights, Cambodia’s most ambitious development project, has recently made significant announcements, successfully closing a turnkey agreement between Canopy Sands Development (master developer of Bay of Lights) and Masswork Co., Ltd (“Masswork”) to deliver a Greg Norman Signature golf course at Bay of Lights. The Company has also signed an agreement with Sailing Club Leisure Group (“SCLG”) to operate two of its leisure and entertainment properties in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The Bay of Lights project is a key initiative for the tourism industry in the Kingdom, and the addition of a world-class golf course will further enhance its appeal to regional business elites. The landmark agreement with Masswork will see the creation of a 19-hole golf course, complete with state-of-the-art practice facilities, including a driving range and short game area (the golf course), which will all be constructed to the highest standards, using the latest technology and sustainable practices.

Growing demand for domestic and international travelers

Ian Tan, the spokesperson of Canopy Sands Development, said that the project would help drive tourism to the region and support the growing demand for domestic and international travelers. Construction of the Greg Norman Signature golf course and associated amenities is expected to begin as early as second quarter of this year, with completion slated for late 2026.

While the Sailing Club Beach Club and Sailing Club Resort are part of Canopy Sands Development’s ambitious plans to transform Sihanoukville into a world-class leisure and entertainment destination, Ian also reiterated that the expertise of SCLG will bring new levels of sophistication and international flair to the leisure and entertainment scene in Sihanoukville.

Canopy Sands Development & Massworkd Signing Agreement.

“Our mission is to create a vibrant atmosphere of fun and excitement for tourists, locals, and businesses alike. Together we wanted to create an ecosystem that promises improved services, competitive pricing, and access to unique attractions not found anywhere else. The Bay of Lights will serve as a platform that will enable us to bring together different aspects of tourism into one convenient location,” he further added.

Both the agreements with Masswork and SCLG mark significant milestones for Canopy Sands Development and the Sihanoukville leisure and entertainment scene. Launched in 2019, the Bay of Lights envisions creating thousands of jobs and bringing much-needed economic growth to the Kingdom of Cambodia. 

Rejuvenating the landscape and attracting global visitors

The Bay of Lights is a coastal development in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, aimed at rejuvenating the city’s landscape and attracting global visitors. The 934-hectare project offers modern infrastructure, luxury residences, commercial spaces, and top-tier recreational facilities along the scenic coastline.

Canopy Sands Development, a real estate company based in Phnom Penh, was established in 2019. It specializes in master developments and aims to elevate local communities’ well-being. With an experienced team, the company is building new communities across Cambodia to create economic, social, and educational opportunities. In 2020, Canopy Sands started developing the Bay of Lights in Sihanoukville. 

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