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Expanding Distribution Range, Dynamic Argon Launches New Branch in Kampong Cham

Updated: Feb 2

Dynamic Argon, Co., Ltd., is improving distribution services for pharmaceutical products by expanding its business by adding one more branch office in Cambodia. The new Dynamic Argon branch located in the city of Kampong Cham will cover consumers in 9 areas on the Mekong Side and Mountain Side.

Kampong Cham is the third branch of DAC after the branches in the cities of Phnom Penh and Battambang. The opening of Dynamic Argon’s third branch within four years, demonstrates its commitment in promoting healthcare in Cambodia. Dynamic Argon will aggressively expand its distribution coverage to serve more customers.

The grand launching of the Kampong Cham branch has been held on February 18th, 2023 which was attended by key company leaders, including the Chairman of Dynamic Argon, Mr. Budi Lim; Co-Founder of Dynamic Group, Mr. Tom Kimson and Mr. Chan Huy Luong; and the President Director of Argon Group, Mr. Krestijanto Pandji along with other Dynamic Argon management and staff.

“With the expansion of a new branch office and also a warehouse of Dynamic Argon in Kampong Cham, we can provide better distribution services and reach a wider range of our customers in the Mountain Side and Mekong Side areas,” said Mr. Lim.

Currently, Dynamic Argon has been trusted by principals from various countries such as Dexa Medica Group (Indonesia); Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Japan); Aristopharma Ltd. (Bangladesh); HealthCare PharmaScience Ltd. (Hong Kong); and other leading principals.

Dynamic Argon hopes that the new Kampong Cham branch can increase the trust of our existing principals and make it a preferred partner of choice for other leading principals to join and grow their business with us in Cambodia.

“This is a milestone for Dynamic Argon in improving services and operations in Cambodia. With its end-to-end competencies, from distribution to sales and marketing activities, it is hoped that Dynamic Argon can fulfill the medical needs of the people of Cambodia and increase the excellence service for our principals,” said Mr. Tom.

Dynamic Argon, Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Dynamic Pharma Group who had been the expert in the pharmaceutical distribution in Cambodia for over 25 years, and Argon Group, a holding company of pharmaceutical, medical device, and health products distribution with more than 42 years of experience in the health and pharmaceutical industries in Indonesia.

The venture was meant to establish a modern pharmaceuticals distribution company, with international standards in good distribution practices, to fulfill the medical needs of the people of Cambodia. Dynamic Argon has a number of competitive advantages such as strength in the local market, expertise in areas such as information technology, supply chain, and services.

“With more than 67 years of accumulated experience in the health and pharmaceutical industries, Dynamic Argon strengthens its business portfolio by expanding more coverage areas in Cambodia. We are committed to being a trusted global healthcare group of companies to provide significant added value for our customers and business partners,” said Mr. Pandji.


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