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Golfing Experience by the Sea

Updated: Feb 2

Bay 19 Golf Course, distinct from Cambodia’s traditional inland links, emerges as a revolutionary golfing destination. As the first USGA-certified seaside course in the country, it offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and championship standards. This coastal adventure goes beyond a typical round of golf, immersing players in a serene yet challenging environment, setting Bay 19 apart in the world of golf.

More Than Just Golf: A Comprehensive Coastal Destination

Envisioned as a comprehensive golfing paradise, Bay 19 incorporates a state-of-the-art driving range within an exclusive resort complex. This luxurious haven will feature four four-star hotels, three five to six-star resorts, and four scenic walkways, all designed to provide an exceptional coastal experience directly connected to the golf course. This makes Bay 19 not just a destination for golfers but a holistic retreat for all visitors.

Timeline and Future Prospects

The initial phase, featuring the driving range, is set to open by Q3 2025, with the full 18-hole course welcoming golfers by 2027. The entire development is on track for completion by 2029, ensuring Bay 19 becomes a landmark for golfing and leisure in the Indochina region.

A Call to Golf Enthusiasts and Investors

Bay 19 Golf represents a unique opportunity for regional golf enthusiasts and potential investors. Its unparalleled coastal golfing experience, combined with luxurious amenities and strong governmental endorsement, positions Bay 19 as a prime destination for investment and leisure. This development is not just a game-changer for Cambodia but a beacon of golfing excellence in Southeast Asia.


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