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Indonesia, Cambodia aim to modernise, digitalize, and enhance the capacity of the civil service

The Indonesian Ambassador to Cambodia Santo Darmosumarto, and Cambodian Minister of Civil Service Hun Many, met on 8 May 2024, to discuss potential cooperation in strengthening both countries’ civil services.

Views were exchanged on the challenges and opportunities faced by each government in pushing for sustained bureaucratic reform and the modernization of public institutions and services. In Cambodia’s case, this included, among others, the centralized recruitment of civil servants as well as efforts to improve the welfare and capacity of civil servants.

“Indonesia is also vigorously modernizing and creating digital public service portals through the e-government program. Hopefully, our countries can collaborate given our many social, political, and cultural similarities,” expressed Ambassador Santo. He added that bureaucratic reforms also benefit the public as a whole, as it serves as a basis for changing the way people in general think about their daily activities.

Ambassador Santo highlighted Indonesia’s continued commitment to assist in the development of Cambodian civil service, among others, by providing scholarships such as the Indonesian Aid Scholarship (TIAS), which is strictly aimed at civil servants. “I sincerely hope that more Indonesian alumni will hold important positions in the Cambodian government”, he added.

The meeting also discussed on the importance of enhancing youth cooperation as part strengthening bilateral partnership in the years to come. In the spirit of commemorating 65 years of diplomatic relations, the Indonesian Embassy looks forward to supporting concrete cooperation programs among youth groups in Indonesia and Cambodia.

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