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Indonesian firms eyeing space in Cambodia’s F&B sector

Updated: Feb 2

Many Indonesian firms are eyeing Cambodia’s food and beverages (F&B) sector considering the country’s huge market potentials, according to industry insiders.

Speaking to Khmer Times on the sidelines of the 38th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) held in Jakarta, recently, they said Cambodia’s growth prospects are one of the best in the region and its F&B space possesses huge potentials.

Anrio Delon, International Business Assistant Manager at Khong Guan Group, told Khmer Times that his company is eyeing the Cambodian market in a big way and plans to introduce new set of products.

“We entered the Cambodian market recently, during the beginning of 2023 with chocolate wafers. And since then we have been realising the huge potential of Cambodian market.

“Before six months, we launched our choco-strawberry wafers in the Cambodian market, which has become an instant hit. This was a unique product as the wafer is chocolate with a strawberry cream on and we are betting big on this product. We don’t have director competitors in this product stream.

“We now plan to introduce other products into the market including Monde Genji Pie biscuits, which is originally a French product. We hope this product to be a big hit in Cambodia as well as other Asean countries. In Indonesia, we have a market share of 99 percent with regard to this product sale as we hardly have any competition.”

Anrio Delon said the company will be introducing four flavours of Monde Genji Pie biscuits in Cambodia in the coming days. “In the beginning of 2024, we will also be introducing new flavours of wafers in Cambodia including chocomilk and others.

“The company is rapidly expanding its trade portfolio in Cambodia. As far as we have learnt from our distributors and agents in the country, the Cambodian F and B market is on a great growth trajectory and we can be really hopeful on doing big there especially with increasing domestic consumption and tourist numbers. Our products are now available across all provinces in Cambodia.”

Speaking to Khmer Times, Dzikra Rahmah, an Indonesian business executive, representing Tempeh Azaki, a company specialising on vegan foods said it is eyeing the Cambodian market as part of future prospects.

“We are actively seeking distributors in Cambodia, recognising it as an essential market within the Asean region. We believe that introducing our sustainable product to the Cambodian market will not only contribute to the local economy but also promote eco-friendly food practices within the region.”

Dzikra said the company is enthusiastically striving to expand its presence in various markets and countries. “Tempeh, a fermented soybean product, stands out as a highly nutritious option, particularly due to its exceptional protein content. What’s more, in contrast to red meat, tempeh production results in significantly lower emissions, which plays a crucial role in shaping the future of sustainable food practices. Additionally, being a plant-based food, tempeh serves as an ideal dietary choice for both vegans and vegetarians,” she said.

“Notably, the surge in popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets reflects a conscious effort to minimise emissions and promote sustainable practices and Cambodia has been in the forefront of promoting sustainable practices in the region,” she added.

Earlier, speaking to Khmer Times, Koh Yuen Loo, Head of Sales Food Service at Sreeya Sewu, an Indonesian fast food major said that the company is looking for distributors in Cambodia amid its F and B sector growing at a rapid pace.

“Indonesian tastes are unparalleled in the region and we are confident on becoming a grand success in other Asean markets such as Cambodia, Loo said.”

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