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TAMBUAH Indonesian Restaurant Highlights Growing Indonesian Investment and Cultural Exchange in Cambodia

Updated: Feb 2

TAMBUAH Indonesian Restaurant.

Cambodia Investment Review

TAMBUAH Indonesian Padang Cuisine, a restaurant specializing in authentic Indonesian Padang Cuisine, has officially opened its first branch positioned opposite the well-known Holiday Palace Hotel, the restaurant aims to introduce the local community and tourists visiting the seaside tourism destination to the original flavors of Indonesia’s well-known Padang Cuisine, while adhering to strict halal dietary requirements.

Derived from the language of the Minangkabau people, the ethnic majority of West Sumatra, Indonesia, the word “TAMBUAH” translates to “to add more.” This name encapsulates the restaurant’s vision of providing customers with an authentic Padang culinary experience. With a commitment to delivering exceptional service, a cozy dining atmosphere, adherence to international hygiene standards, and affordable prices, TAMBUAH seeks to become an integral part of Cambodia’s maturing food and beverage scene.

Traditional Indonesian flavors to the Cambodian community

Mr. Suryanto, one of the founders of TAMBUAH Restaurant, expressed enthusiasm about introducing the flavors of Padang Cuisine to the people of Sihanoukville. “By offering customers the authenticity of Padang flavor dishes, good service, cozy restaurant, international hygiene, and affordable prices, TAMBUAH will be part of the growing F&B scene in Cambodia,” he stated.

TAMBUAH Indonesian Restaurant.

The establishment of TAMBUAH in Sihanoukville not only caters to the local demand for diverse culinary experiences but also aligns with Cambodia’s increasing interest in halal products. As the Kingdom embraces international food safety and labeling standards, the restaurant’s presence could potentially stimulate the economy and contribute to the overall growth of the halal market in the country.

Furthermore, TAMBUAH’s opening highlights the expanding Indonesian investment and cultural exchange in Cambodia. The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (IndoCham) has been instrumental in fostering a spirit of camaraderie and cross-chamber collaboration. Since its inception in 2021, IndoCham has achieved significant milestones, including the successful organization of the Chambers & Friends Golf Tournament and hosting ministerial-level meetings during the ASEAN economic summit.

IndoCham fostering business and community inclusiveness

Operating under the national motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” which translates to “Unity in Diversity,” IndoCham has built a robust platform to promote Indonesian investment and cultural integration in Cambodia. The introduction of TAMBUAH Indonesian Padang Cuisine serves as a testament to the positive impact of such initiatives, further strengthening the ties between the two nations.

TAMBUAH Indonesian Restaurant

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