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Indonesian Migrants Successfully Become Entrepreneurs in Cambodia

Friday, October 15, 2021, a number of Indonesians gathered for a dinner at a restaurant located in one of the most famous numbers in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The event was a meeting between the Indonesian Ambassador, Sudirman Haseng and Indonesian businessmen in Cambodia who were gathered in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce or IndoCham. These overseas Indonesian entrepreneurs are engaged in logistics, travel, distribution, culinary, media, hospitality, and entertainment. The event took place in an intimate and relaxed manner with the aim of forging friendship among IndoCham members. Ambassador Sudirman, who looks casual in style, provides protection for Cambodian entrepreneurs in Indonesia. He stated that the existence of IndoCham should be able to make a positive contribution to the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Cambodia. Ambassador Sudirman also expressed his gratitude and pride that IndoCham could be officially realized during his tenure. "I hope this (IndoCham) becomes one of the legacy as ambassadors here," said the 13th Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia. At the meeting, the President of IndoCham, Dalton Wong, introduced the management structure of IndoCham which will be the driving force for the promotion of economic and trade relations between the two countries. Dalton, who graduated from the University of South Australia, is an Indonesian businessman in Cambodia who is successful in operating, among others, in the distribution sector. According to Dalton, Cambodia as one of the smallest countries in Southeast Asia has its own attractiveness and strategic value for Indonesian entrepreneurs, including relatively well-maintained political stability and a young population demographic. IndoCham was inaugurated on September 23, 2021 and will become one of the Indonesian Embassy's partners in increasing Indonesia's economic presence in the Cambodian region, including bringing more Indonesian products into the country. Indonesian products that are fairly common in Cambodia today are packaged food and beverage products, home care products, medicines, personal care, to Indonesian fruits such as salak. With the pandemic conditions increasingly under control in the Cambodian region and the Cambodian government's optimism to be able to immediately boost the economy again, there is great hope that IndoCham can take advantage of this momentum to improve trade relations between the two countries.


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