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KALBE, Donation to TYDA for The Campaign Against Covid-19 in Cambodia

Kalbe International, Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of KALBE group, Indonesian pharmaceutical company operated in Cambodia, has contributed to the campaign activities against Covid-19 by sharing a donation package to Samdech Techo Voluntary Youth Doctors (TYDA).

On Thurday 22th April 2021 during the Phnom Penh Lockdown situation, the donation has been handed over by Mr, Oktavianus, Country Head of Kalbe to YTDA team in their based camp in Tuol Kork area, Phnom Penh. The packaged consists of:

The amount of USD 1,000 and some packages of medicines & vitamins produced by Kalbe’s manufactured themselves such as: Extra Joss Energy & Vitamin Drink, Milna Biscuits, Procold paracetamol, Komix cough syrup and Daneuron vitamin B tablets. Those can contribute to the activity of TYDA team led by Mr Hun Manet as the chairman to taking care of Covid patients which been quarantine in several quarantine centers around Pnom Penh.

Oktavianus said, Kalbe which has been doing their business in Cambodia for more than 15 years also concern with the pandemic situation affected in Cambodia which Royal Government decided to apply fully lockdown the city from 15-29 April 2021 in order to inhibit the transmission of the deadly virus among the people of Cambodia.

“It’s time to share to Cambodian people. Our job as healthcare producer to support them with what we have and our products are related with preventing people from the sickness as well.”

In other side TYDA team also express their gratitude to this donation to Kalbe can be part of the campaign against Covid-19. No matter how big or small the donation. We appreciate it a lot. TYDA has been actively provide free examination and treatment of Covid-19 patients, especially poor patients since the outbreak happening in Cambodia since February 2021.


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