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MD and U-Pay join forces for a new era of digital payment in Cambodia

A Promising Start: Senior Minister and the First Vice President of the CMAA, Ly Thuch is flanked by Dalton Wong (L), Chairman of Massive Distributions and Koh Hao Jie (R), Chief Executive Officer U-Pay in Phnom Penh. KT/Chor Sokunthea

A memorandum of Understanding between U-Pay Digital PLC and Massive Distributions Co, Ltd, was signed yesterday at Atom, Vattanac Capital Towers to announce their collaboration, heralding a “New Era of Digital Payment” in Cambodia.

The MoU establishes that U-Pay, the digital payment service provider in Cambodia, will provide the E-Wallet, connectivity, payment EDC terminals, as well as QR code scanning devices, while Massive Distributions (MD) will be facilitating the recruitment and onboarding of merchants throughout the country. MD will also enable the payment terminals and train the merchants on the usage of e-wallets and QR code access across Cambodia.

U-Pay has been growing rapidly since its founding in 2019, and in addition to its e-wallet mobile app, it offers a variety of payment services including a mobile-POS device or static QR code facilitating payments for merchants, and U-Pay Kiosk machines found throughout the country that allow cash deposit and withdrawals.

MD is a Business Process Outsourcing company (BPO) focusing on sales services of distribution networks to support local companies and FIs on sales and management of their products and services, and has established one of the largest sales and distribution networks in the country, with more than 10,000 merchants and 26 offices in all 25 provinces in Cambodia.

Both companies’ activities are clearly seen to complement each other, as echoed in the words of Senior Minister Ly Tuch present who said he was “pleased to be a witness of a wedding between these two companies”.

Koh Hao Jie, CEO of U-Pay Digital and Dalton Wong, Chairman of Massive Distributions (MD) and President of IndoCham, were the signatories of the MoU which was also attended by bank representatives, friends and business associates as well as heads of the business chambers: AmCham President Anthony Galliano, KorCham President Mark Lee and MBCC President KM Tan.

Speaking to Khmer Times before the signing, MD’s Victor Kaw said that all the different representatives attending understood the value of collaborating in this ecosystem of finance and services, leading to this type of partnership between MD and U-Pay. “I think in the context of financial services in the country, digitalisation of payments and banking will flourish in the coming months and years,” he said, adding, “another will be outsourcing services,” which MD is unique for in the country.

It is this expansion in MD’s range of services that has made its partnership with U-Pay so promising as the digitalisation of the economy continues to boom requiring more services and logistics to support it.

In his remarks before the signing U-Pay’s Koh said: “We are here to push the limit of making payments from a traditional way into a digital way by providing a safe, convenient and innovative payment solution for merchants and businesses in the market in Cambodia.”

Detailing the speed at which U-Pay is growing he said: “Currently, we have already half a million users and more than 2,500 merchants across Cambodia after less than a month since we launched our app. We are also working with the government and NBC to push the financial technology with the joint effort of the NBC, to switch from cash to e-wallets with our kiosks. We are the only Kiosk providers in Cambodia.”

In his own address, Kaw welcomed the attendees “to witness and celebrate the partnership between MD and U-Pay Digital on the recruitment of QR pay merchants and their deployment for SMEs and local corporates throughout Cambodia,” before noting that, “this is yet another important milestone in expanding the digital payment footprint across the Kingdom.”


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